Tap and Pay

It’s the easiest way to pay with your phone



What is Tap and Pay?

It’s the easiest way to pay with your phone. All you need is SEQR app and a contactless terminal at the store. This new technology is spreading across Europe really fast, so you can already use Tap and Pay in plenty of stores, cafés, cinemas and other great places.


Activate Tap and Pay

Update SEQR in Google Play


Hit Tap and Pay in the SEQR menu


Activate it in just a few seconds


Have even more fun shopping

Now you’re ready to pay with SEQR app, the same as with any Contactless Payment Card.

Just hit the Pay button on the SEQR Homescreen – the Tap and Pay option will appear.

It’s easy, it’s fast and and it’s secure.

SEQR partners with Mastercard to ensure maximum security and reliability for payments.


How to Tap and Pay?

You can now pay with Tap and Pay option in SEQR app like with any contactless payment card. As you may know some transactions go through just after tapping the phone against the card terminal, but for high-value transactions (eg. in Sweden payments over 250 SEK), you might be asked to provide your Tap and Pay PIN on the payment terminal.

Open SEQR and choose Tap and Pay option


When you place the phone over the terminal, it will make a beeping sound


Both phone and the card terminal will confirm the transaction


What if I am offline?


If there is no network coverage, you can still make up to 5 contactless payments.

And what if a card terminal asks me for PIN?

Tap on “Show Tap and Pay PIN” at the bottom of the screen


You will be asked to provide your SEQR PIN to see your Tap and Pay PIN


The Tap and Pay PIN should be entered on the card terminal when needed


Remember you can always manage Tap and Pay settings in the Security and Privacy section

Hit Menu and go to Security and Privacy settings


You can toggle Tap and Pay (turn contactless on and off)


Or see Tap and Pay PIN whenever you need it


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